Rycom become Alcatel Business Partners

RYCOM are now Alcatel Business Partners and are able to provide the full range of Alcatel products and Services with the complete backing of Alcatel.

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New Services for SMEs
We are now able to provide any company with the following services on a per user basis.  There is no need to invest in expensive equipment that needs supporting.

  • Total Office - Have the Big company services on a small company budget.  Have a full company intranet with individual email, Web site, shared diary, shared documents and many other services.  All this accessible from any web browers from 11 per month.
  • Synchronised Audio and Web Conferencing - Conference with up to 20 colleagues from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world and simultaneously discuss and edit documents.
  • Smart Call - Your calls find you! or take a message and then send you the voicemail.
  • Email on the move - Receive your messages as soon as they arrive where-ever you are.  You are alerted to the arrival of emails where-ever you are and you can listern and reply from where-ever you are.  Prices start at 7.00 per month. 
  • Off site backup for all your data - Again a per user setup fee and a per Mb storage fee.  Fees start at 3.40 per month.  Aimed at businesses who do not have an IT department.

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