What we do and how we can reduce your costs!

RYCOM specialise in reducing communications costs for companies of all sizes.  Based in Surrey, we have been using our experience and expertise over the past four years to help our customers save money in all areas of communications.

We use our Three Stage Process to identify areas where savings can be made, we then advise on the most suitable products and services for your company.

Stage 1. Analysis of current costs.
We thoroughly analyse your spending in all areas of communications and recommend ways and means of reducing costs.

Stage 2. Analysis of current equipment.
Secondly we analyse the equipment and procedures used within the company.  We are then able to identify ways of making them more cost efficient and productive for you.

Stage 3. Develop a Strategy
We will then work with you to develop a medium term communications strategy that will ensure that your company is making the maximum cost savings with the minimum of effort and expense.

Remember! It costs nothing to find out how much you could be saving!

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